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I love everything I ordered so far! The shirts are soft and lightweight. My dad had is cool and my tote bag is exactly as it looked! I gotta have more! This brand has great meaning and intentions! I feel proud to wear it.

- Ruthie

You Don’t Know Me.......I absolutely love this! I ordered a hat and a T-shirt. I am still waiting on my T-shirt but I love my hat. The hat is adjustable and oh so comfortable. The words-You Don’t Know Me-are so profound in a society where people are quick to judge, spread untruths, disregard one’s values and morals, seek negativity, slow to listen, lack empathy and compassion for one another. What YDKM says to me is each person has a story, has a past, present and future. Some good, some bad. Every person no matter color, religion, political views, male or female are worthy of getting to know. If we take the time to really get to know someone we will learn to meet people wherever they are in this journey we all call life. I cannot wait to wear my T-shirt and hat in hopes of everyone that takes the time to read the message take a moment and think about what it is saying to them personally. Thank you You Don't Know Me for this amazing product line. Satisfied customer,

- Stacey Dellesky

Thanks You Don't Know Me!

- Lindsey

You Don’t Know Me! I love the saying. I love the products. I have a T-shirt and hat so far. The shirt is so cute and it is comfortable. I love the hat too. This saying means a lot because I’ve had people judge me and not know the story of my life or what my situation may have been. People still do. You Don’t Know Me means (to me) not to quickly judge a person because you may not know what that person is going through.

-Tara Cross-Battle - (International Volleyball Hall of Famer and 4 Time USA Olympian)

Another satisfied customer: I’m so happy to have received my ‘You Don’t Know Me’ items (Hooded Sweatshirt/Long Sleeve Shirt/Classic Tank Top)! The sweatshirt is so warm; I don’t want to take it off. I wore the long sleeve shirt first and it fit so comfortable I can’t wait to buy more in different colors. The only item I haven’t worn is the tank top, but trust me I will be working out in my tank top today. YDKM items are a must buy for the cool days. I’m buying my grandchildren hooded sweatshirts for Christmas. They are going to love them!!!!

-Rita Jackson ~ Love Is Key.

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